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Who manages this site

We, the „Fachschaftsrat“, are the elected student representatives of the BSc/MSc Geoinformatics and MSc Geospatial Technologies students. We represent the GI-students in different committees, help you with all sorts of problems during your study and organise social events for the students like the ‚legendary‘ Geoparty and the Christmas party.

Being a student representative is voluntary work and we are always happy to welcome new members at our weekly meeting which is every Wednesday at 6pm (during semester).

Our office is at the GEO1 building, Heisenbergstraße 2, in room 100.024 (right hand side when entering the building).

Periodical Events

Reoccuring Events such as

  • Elections (November, June)
  • geofs.grillen() (May)
  • geoparty (November) / Erstiparty (freshmen party) (May)
  • Erstiwoche (freshmen’s week) (October, last week before lectures start)

There are several Events which we, your students representative, are organizing for you!
geofs.grillen(): Once or twice a year we arrage a big barbecue where all GI students meet, eat, talk, meet new people and have a lot of fun.
Geo / Erstiparty: On the beginning of each semester we organize a party at the Triptychon together with the geography and landscape ecology students representatives.


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  •   Legal Situ @ NRW
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Living in Münster

  • Bikes are Gods in Münster
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Structure of the University

  •  Something about the Faculty, cooperations with other faculties


As already mentioned in the introduction, the students representatives are elected. But how?

Each Wintersemester the students of the University of Münster (including Mundus students) vote the Students Parliament as well as the „Fachschaftsvertretung“.

For us, it is very important that as many students as possible give their vote, since this is what legitizes us to represent the student body.

If you have difficulties to understand the voting documents (unfortunatley they are only distributed in German), you can ask the electoral staff, other students, or us. We will also try and prepare an unofficial translation for you.

Students Parliament

The Students Pariliament is a part of the students self organization. It has political parties in it. They are discussing about weired things, but also very useful ones like providing the traintickets for North-Rhine-Wetfalia for all students.

Fachschaftsvertretung and Fachschaftsrat

You can also vote for a candidate for the Fachschaftsvertretung (FSV). The FSV which will then appoint the Fachschaftsrat (known to you as the students representatives). We are the first contact point for all questions and problems during your study. You can contact us via mail (, or just drop in our office when we have office hours or the door is open.

Faculty Council



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