Es gibt zahlreiche studentische Organisationen, jedoch die bekannteste für Geographen, Löks und Geoinformatiker ist:


EGEA ist ein europaweit organisiertes Netzwerk von Geographiestudenten, die Interesse am Reisen, neuen kulturellen Eindrücken und internationalem Austausch haben. Erste Regel im Ausland – wer hätte das gedacht – lautet ‚englisch sprechen‘! Here you go:

EGEA is the european geography association which forms a network around Europe to exchange knowledge and information for geography students and young geographers. To achieve this goal, EGEA organises congresses, student exchanges, hosts foreign students and publishes a small information paper: the newsletter.

In 1987 students from Warsaw, Barcelona, Vienna and Utrecht universities came together and started the idea of a European geography association. Since then, 15 congresses have been held and EGEA has grown from the four participants (entities) to nearly 70 entities in around 24 different countries.

EGEA is divided into four regions, namely the North and Baltic Region, the Eastern Region, the Western Region and the EuroMed Region. The entities of the regions try to keep contact throughout the year. One way of achieving this is by Regional Congresses, which take place in springtime and are usually focussed on one geographical theme.

All entities meet once a year at the annual Congress. This Congress takes place in autumns and is the main event of the EGEA-year. During 5 days different topics are discussed in workshops and at least one excursion is organised to get an impression of the host country.

An other way for entities to meet are the student exchanges. Exchanges are organised quite often, cheap and simple. Two entities visit each other, the host entity being responsible for the programme. During the programme, which usually takes a week, faculties of geography in the guest city are visited, geographical excursions are organised, the city and surrounding are informally introduced and parties take place which introduce you to the other geography students. The travelling costs are paid by the visitors, the food, stay and programme are taken care of by the hosting group.

And whassup in Münster? Our entity here in Münster exists since 1998. Today we are around 15 geographers and landscape ecologists who are quite active in the last time. For example we organized an international X-mas-special in Münster, made exchanges with Moscow, Ljubljana, Utrecht and Osnabrück and took part on many congresses. Everytime new ideas are growing and we have many plans to realize. Our actual program for the next time is always published on the website.

We are an open-minded community and are happy about new interested people. Especially for Erasmus students egea is a possibility to get in contact with some local students from Münster. You do not have to enter a membership. Egea is for free and does not cost anything for you. Just if you want to participate on congresses and exchanges you have to pay your costs. You are warmly welcome to pop in at our monthly meetings! Where and when? See below!

Wir sind ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Gesichtern mit frischen Ideen um zukünftige Aktionen umzusetzen. Interesse? Schau doch einfach mal rein! Wir treffen uns immer am ersten Donnerstag im Monat. Wo und wann genau kannst du an unserer Pinnwand neben der Fachschaft oder auf unserer Entity-Seite nachschauen! Willkommen!

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EGEA Europe:

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